Sometimes classics simply cannot get forgotten. The same applies to the first-generation Ford Mustang (referred to as the ’65 Mustang). And we have good news for enthusiasts who like to restore such projects! They now get some help from Ford, the almost 50-year-old body goes back into production.

Could car manufacturers sometimes also suffer from a portion of separation anxiety? Volkswagen kept the Golf I up to and including 2009 in production as Citi Golf and also the old Beetle was built for decades in USA. Ford is now doing something similar. They are not going to build the Mustang MKI themselves, but have given the blueprints and specifications of the bodywork and related matters to Dynacom International, an American company that will start baking the bodies.

These modern Mustang bodies are, by the way, a lot more robust than the original ones , since better steel is used and more modern welding techniques are used. The rust prevention is also better. The body will cost $ 15,000. Arrange a bonnet yourself (also to order new), engine, gearbox, electronics, interior and other details and you have the option to build your brand new Mustang yourself. And that scores quite high on our awesomeness meter. The nice thing is that Ford still supplies almost all parts new.

Dynacom International is in talks with Ford to breathe new life into the Bronco bodywork. Perhaps that will be the next new-fashioned classic.

If more manufacturers thought it would be okay to have third-party bodies of cars that were no longer in production built, which model would you prefer to do in your spare time? Let Musclecarfacts team know in the comments!

Thanks to Arnoud for the tip !

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