Nothing is greater than the feeling of turning the key and opening the door of your new house for the first time. Enjoy those wonderful moments. But keep in mind that going ahead is the task of canceling the mortgage credit you took to fulfill your dream.

Currently, financial institutions offer various options that can help you meet your mortgage credit payments comfortably. Interbank reminds you of the most important ones.

Automatic and without delays

You have the option to make the payment of your fees through the electronic charge of your savings account. Although with this modality you will not worry about remembering the date of payment, yes you must take into account the available balance to ensure the amount of the fee and avoid default. Take into account that you can always check the status of your credit and next installment to pay by entering the Internet bank of your financial institution.


Imagine that you have all your money that arrived unexpectedly available. You can use it to make an advance payment, which involves paying a portion of the total capital of the loan. When you choose this option, you reduce the amount of money borrowed and with this, interest and commissions.

You can also choose the anticipated installments, which will allow you to advance payments for the following months, although without reducing interest or commissions.

I need an extension

According to the financial institution with which you have the credit, you will have the option to request a personal loan of free availability on the same mortgage guarantee, this allows you to access an additional amount of money at a lower rate than a personal loan or request an extension of term in case you need to reduce the number of your monthly installments. In both cases, it will depend on your ability to get into debt according to the credit system and the level of your income. See what the conditions to request this service are.

It is also possible to modify the date of payment of your monthly installments, in most cases at no cost. To ask, analyze if a new time fits better with your income record and your rate of expenses.

There are other alternatives for mortgages such as grace periods, which are intervals in which the financial institution will not charge the monthly fee. It does not mean that you will stop charging such fees, but that you will postpone them and with an additional cost that you must assume. And also the reduction of the payment term, which necessarily means an increase of the monthly fee. Ask for it only if you increase your monthly resources permanently so that you can cancel your mortgage loan in a shorter period.