What is Fifth Third Bank Auto Loan?

Fifth Third Bank Auto Loan, is an organization whihc can provide you auto loans. We are going to cover everything about Fifth Third Bank Auto Loan All About Fifth Third Bank Auto Loan.

A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

A credit for any vehicle

Any major person can take out a car loan for the purchase of a vehicle: car, motorcycle, camper, scooter 1 … whether new or used, with or without input.

A constant monthly payment

You determine the credit amount and the repayment term. The monthly repayment is fixed for the duration of the loan.

Early repayment possible

At any time (for example in the case of cash inflow or change of vehicle) you can repay the loan in advance.

A favorable credit rate

With Global Auto, a formula combining a car loan and the insurance of your vehicle, you benefit from a lower rate of credit and a single contact for both contracts.

Save by repaying

With Crédit Duo Auto, you save while paying back your monthly payments. You are preparing a future purchase. The capital saved 2 at the end of the loan represents approximately 25% of the amount borrowed.

You also benefit from a lower rate than with conventional credit.


I want to buy a car by taking a car loan. Before I start, I would like to know on which criteria to compare the offers of loan. The interest rate and the amount of the monthly payments, I suppose, but what do I need to know about the duration or other specific points? I need help to make the right choice of auto credit.

1. My number 1 criterion is the interest rate?

Indeed, before taking out a car loan , it is better to check the debtor interest rate. This rate is expressed as a percentage of the amount borrowed. To obtain the cheapest car loan, you often have interest in favoring the formula with the lowest interest rate.

Of course, you can negotiate with your advisor. And you can look for offers from competitors, to check if there are no more advantageous rates. But beware, it’s not just the nominal interest rate that counts …

2. The cost of my auto loan

Indeed, the fees can sometimes make the difference and it is important to take them into account when comparing competing auto credit offers.

These fees value the time your advisor spends mounting and reviewing your file when you apply for a car loan. Most often, the processing fee is about 1% of the amount borrowed.

3. The amount of my monthly payments

The amount you will repay each month for your car loan must also be taken into account. The monthly payments must be adapted to your income and leave you enough to live peacefully on a daily basis. In any case, you must not exceed 33% of debt for all your repayments.

4. The repayment term to which I commit to my auto loan

Yes, depending on the effort you are willing to make, comparing the loan term is an important criterion for choosing your car loan. It is important to choose the repayment period that exactly matches your financial capabilities.

To comfortably repay your car loan, do not hesitate to opt for a longer period. Your loan is a little more expensive, but each month, the monthly payment is less heavy.

5. The other points to check and their impact on my auto loan

In addition to these 4 main criteria, other special points can help you make a difference.

This is for example the case of optional borrower insurance. You are free to subscribe to it or not.

In addition, if you want to compare different competing offers, you can compare their TAEA (effective annual rate of insurance). It represents the actual cost of insurance, to be taken into account in addition to the APR.

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