Truck/Car Wash: Here are the best tips you could follow.

Discover ten tips to clean your car and restore its original shine. Without even going to the car wash!

1. Washing truck/car windows, windows and windshield wipers

For windows, mix white vinegar with washing up liquid. Wash the windows with this mixture and then rub them with newspaper. They will become so glittering. And to prolong the effect of this cleaning, consider the maintenance of your windshield wipers. Clean them with a mixture of vinegar and water and then dry them with a clean cloth.

2. Elimination of insect marks on headlights and bumpers

Removing insect tracks from your headlights and bumpers can be difficult. Not with this formula: soak a rag in water and baking soda. Then place the rag in a sticky stocking that you will use to scrub the affected areas.

3. Shine of the body

For optimum shine, be sure to wash your car in the shade and in cold water. Use black soap. For rinsing, a mixture of water and white vinegar will allow you to easily remove the traces of limestone.

To avoid claws, use the microfiber sponge. Conventional sponges concentrate sand and dirt much more easily. By using them to wash your vehicle, you risk forming circular claws on the body.

You parked under a tree? Your hood is stained with resin? Rub the affected area with a cloth soaked in acetone, and voila. Acetone removes the resin, but leaves a slight dull halo that you can remove using body polish shampoo.

4. Dusting the dashboard

Plastics are often overgrown with dust. Before using a cleaning product such as washing up liquid, it is first advisable to use the vacuum cleaner. Place the brush tip on your vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming the dust between the buttons. Starting directly with a damp cloth may clog your plastics.

For the doors and the dashboard, a damp microfiber wrist is ideal because it removes the dust that rushes easily between the windshield and the dashboard. To access the air vents or speakers, a toothbrush can be very convenient.

5. Cleaning plastics

Lightly soak a clean fabric of fabric softener. With this simple trick, the plastics of your car will regain their brilliance. They are tarnished? Use a refreshing gel or polish! Be careful though. These products are bold: they will give more brightness to your dashboard, but will stain your seats!

Start at the bottom of the doors. This part of the vehicle is usually dirtier. Finally, it is advisable to rinse with a well wrung sponge, and wipe with a soft lint-free cloth or chamois leather.

6. Maintenance of sensitive surfaces

For electronic equipment and meters, do not use any product. A simple blow of cloth is enough.

7. Washing carpets and interior fabrics

Floor coverings are under severe stress. The placement of floor mats that can be removed for cleaning is therefore recommended. Against animal hair, the use of a sticky paper is very effective, but the easiest way is to buy a rubber brush in a pet shop. The fabric stain remover will be effective for most of the stains on your seats.

8. Cleaning interstices and hard to reach areas

Bring a small, stiff bristle brush that you will soak in a mixture of 20% fabric softener and 80% water. The bristles of the brush will remove the impurities, while the mixture will retain them to avoid moving them to another place of your vehicle.

9. Embellishment of leathers

A mixture of warm water and glycerine soap will work well for small stains on the leather of your vehicle. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use special oils that nourish the leather and maintain its flexibility.

10. Removing rims

Your wheels are stained by tar? Spray some white spirit, leave on for 5 minutes and wipe with a paper towel. However, we advise you to check beforehand if your wheels are not covered with lacquer, that the white spirit could deteriorate.

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