The interest rate of your car loan never changes. You are therefore sure that you will repay the same amount every month for the entire duration of your car loan.

When you take out your car loan, you also get an overview of the monthly payments for the full term of your loan. This way you know at any time how much you have already repaid.

Repayment: a fixed monthly amount

Car loan simulation

If you know how much you want to borrow, you can easily calculate the monthly repayment amount with our car loan simulation . That amount depends on the  amount borrowed  and the period within which you want to repay the loan.

Do you need help to estimate the period in which you can borrow? Even then we would like to get you started with some guidelines .

Ideal duration

Which term is best for you depends on how much you want to borrow and what amount you can miss each month. The longer the term, the smaller the monthly repayment and the easier it is for you to repay the loan. If you borrow on a shorter term, you will have to repay more monthly, but the loan will be repaid faster and you will therefore pay less interest. At KBC you choose yourself.

Bear in mind the following legal limitation for the duration. This is done automatically in the simulation of your loan. 

Amount borrowed Maximum duration
up to 2,500 euros 24 months
up to 3,700 euros 30 months
up to 5,600 euros 36 months
up to 7,500 euros 42 months
up to 10,000 euros 48 months
up to 15,000 euros 60 months
up to 50,000 euros 72 months

Because a car decreases in value quickly, Musclecarfacts advises not to spread the repayment of a car loan over too long a period. As a novice driver you often do not have any other loans, but you do have a higher chance of damage or even a total loss. Remember that in that case you have lost your car, but the repayment of your loan will continue to run. With Musclecarfacts ‘s comprehensive insurance you can limit that risk.

Tax return

If you prove your actual professional expenses, you can tax the interest of your car loan.

When will you get your money?

The payment of your car loan happens:

  • Upon delivery of your car
  • After the signed documents and the investment receipt (order form or invoice) have arrived at Musclecarfacts
  • On the account from which the monthly payments are also debited

When do you start paying back?

The repayment of your car loan starts one month after the payment of the credit amount. The following repayments are made on the same day of the month as the first repayment.

Example time of reimbursement

Suppose that Musclecarfacts makes the amount of your loan available on 25 March. Then you start repaying your loan on 25 April. The following repayments are always made on the 25th day of the month.

Refund account

If you already have a current account with Musclecarfacts , you can repay the loan through that account. You must, however, be the holder or joint holder of that account. 
The repayment account is the same as the one on which the payment of your car loan is made.

Simulate and apply for your car loan online

Did you know that you can easily simulate and apply for a car loan in Musclecarfacts Touch and Musclecarfacts Mobile ? This way you will immediately see your personal rate, just like in your office. Handy, right? Proof: already 65% ​​of our customers apply for their loans online. Do you have a question or would you like advice? The employees of KBC Live are happy to help you further.

In Musclecarfacts Mobile you also get a complete overview of your car loan. So you see quickly:

  • How much you still have to pay
  • When the next reimbursement takes place
  • How long your loan is still running and how much you pay per month

You don’t need a Musclecarfacts current account to apply for a car loan . On our website you can easily simulate and apply for your car loan