How to maintain my car efficiently?

When to do the maintenance of your car? Small or big talk? Where is the local mechanic or dealer? What budget do you anticipate? P & V Insurance has all the answers under the hood!

1. How often do interviews take place?

In addition to the technical data of the vehicle, the service book tells you the periodicity of the interviews: every 15,000 or 30,000 kilometers according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Keep it in your glove box for example and make sure that your car mechanic indicates the date, the revisions made and affixes its stamp. You will be able to track what was done and when accurately. The maintenance booklet is important in case of resale of the vehicle and essential if you must involve the manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Which interview: small or big?

A small interview

Small maintenance is recommended every 15,000 or 30,000 km depending on the type and age of the vehicle. It most often includes:

engine oil change, which reduces friction between parts, provides cooling and protects the engine against corrosion;
a check of the oil level and the coolant which, as its name implies, cools the engine parts;
brake control (discs and pads);
headlight control;
the control of the battery;
replacing the oil filter.
A big interview

Every 30,000 km on average, big maintenance is necessary. In addition to the minor interview checks, there are:

the replacement of the air filter;
the replacement of the pollen filter (filter used to preserve healthy air in the passenger compartment).
the replacement of candles for gasoline cars;
exhaust control;
the check-up of shock absorbers and tires. Remember that these two elements are essential to ensure good road holding and optimal braking.

3. Where can I service my car?

Since 2002, the European consumer is free to maintain and repair his vehicle wherever he wants. A measure reinforced by a 2010 European Directive, which requires manufacturers to share brand-specific information with independent players. A dealer or a car mechanic of your brand is not essential, even during the manufacturer warranty period. Some prefer the local mechanic, which can be cheaper. Others remain loyal to their dealer, who knows the specifics of the brand.

4. What is the budget for auto maintenance?

The average price of small maintenance can vary from 100 to 1000 euros depending on the brand, the year of construction and the use of the vehicle. For large maintenance, this cost can easily be multiplied by three.

A tip: always ask for a quote before maintenance and compare prices.

Legal protection insurance

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