Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots and Dealerships

Before you commit to buying a lot, set a budget … and make sure it is complete. How? Immoweb lists for you all the financial parameters to take into consideration.

In terms of budget, the construction of a house essentially involves two positions: the financing of the land and, as we will see later in this guide, that of the works. And of the two positions, it is not necessarily the purchase of building land that is the simplest to finance. Immoweb gives you the elements to take into account to help you.


The ideal would obviously be to pay your land with your savings. In practice, few buyer candidates have the opportunity to pay rubies on the nail. A loan formula that can be attractive if one intends to build quickly is the opening of credit. In this case, the buyer must pay interest only on the amount he has used and repay only from a period decided at the signing of the contract. This saves interest.

The purchase of land necessarily passes through this official body. The State levies its share on this type of transaction and the notary is its intermediary.

1. Registration fees

Registration fees constitute the bulk of the costs associated with the purchase of land (or a house). The amounts vary according to the Regions: 10% in Flanders, 12.5% in Wallonia and Brussels (with exceptions). Registration fees must be paid within four months of the sales agreement.
Warning: if you buy a new home or under construction , you can request that the sale be subject to VAT : in this case, you will pay the registration fee on the value of the land, and VAT on the value of constructions.

2. Fees and associated fees

Registration fees are not the only expenses, you also have to pay the notary fees and some small notary fees (research, stamps, etc.). Attention: since the establishment of the government Di Rupo I, the fees of the notaries are subject to a VAT at 21% .
3. Real estate tax

The two parties must also agree on the payment of the property tax , commonly known as ” cadastre “. Most of the time, the cost sharing is based on the length of possession in the current year.

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