Having a good record opens the door to some financial products. The reason is simple; banks verify that you have good behavior and possibility of payment, so they begin to consider you to provide your products or services tailored to your options and when you need them!

For that cause, one of the most important factors to take into account when applying for a loan is the credit history. It is registered your payment behavior throughout your financial life.

Always positive 🙂

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Follow these tips and maintain a positive credit history:

Pay your credit cards and loans on time

Now that you know it, always check your report at the credit bureaus to understand their current status.
Always have extra money, which serves as a contingency to pay your cards in case of emergencies.
And if you cannot cancel your debt, go to your bank and ask for an alternative payment. There is always a solution!
Check the information on the status of your credit debt online and free of charge. This way you will take better control of your finances. Knowing how you are qualified in the Financial System will allow you to access any bank product or service whenever you want!